Water solutions for a better quality of life.


What does it do

Rainwater harvesting involves gathering, storing, and utilizing rainwater for various purposes such as watering gardens, flushing toilets, emergency water supply (Requires Filtration), or even as a standalone water system for garden and home through a whole house filtration system. Stored in tanks or reservoirs, either above or below ground, this practice not only provides an alternative source of water but also contributes to sustainable water management.



Rainwater harvesting mitigates urban runoff making them environmentally friendly.

Save your wallet

Lowers dependence on municipal water supply, resulting in significant cost savings for you.

unparalleled expertise

WOG is a certified jojo installer with both training and experience to deliver exceptional solutions.

Elegant Solutions

Rainwater harvesting seamlessly supports your lifestyle without the need for adjustments.

Reliable Supply

Stored water provides a reliable supply during droughts and water outages, ensuring uninterrupted access.

Storage Capacity

Beyond the payback period, enjoy free irrigation water and optimized resource use without extra costs.

Ease of Use

JoJo systems are user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Off the grid

JoJo systems offer unmatched reliability, unaffected by water usage restrictions.


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More Info

Water tank selections are primarily dictated by the catchment area’s size and the system’s water demand. Our range includes vertical tanks with capacities from 750L to 20,000L, catering to various needs. Among these, the 2,5400L and 5,250L tanks are favored for their manageable size and aesthetic appeal. There are however a wide range of slimline tanks available for smaller properties. To complement different settings, Jojo vertical tanks are available in a spectrum of colors such as Green, Red, Royal Blue, Black, Winter Grass, Bushveld Green, Khaki Brown, Cloudy Grey, and Stormy Sky.

For those seeking alternative materials, we offer steel tanks. Additionally, our underground tanks provide a solution for spaces where surface tanks are not viable, perfect for collecting rainwater or stormwater from driveways and patios, with sizes ranging from 1,250L to 6,000L.

The Slimline series, ranging between 750L and 1000L, as well as a 1000L Square superslim Tank and Multislim Tanks, are designed for locations where space is at a premium. These compact options serve the same diverse purposes as their larger counterparts, from fully off-grid systems to supplementary water sources for pools or toilets.

Our larger tanks are ideal for individuals aiming to maximize their independence from municipal water supplies. The suitability of a tank’s storage capacity involves various factors, including the type and size of the roof, the number of users, and whether the property is residential, vacation, commercial, or industrial. Large tanks are also recommended for extensive irrigation systems, ensuring adequate water across multiple stations.